Deleteeglitch- Whispers From The Wayside

Deleteeglitch delivers his most complete project to date on “Whispers From The Wayside”.


Many people have said this project has more of a DOOM vibe to it but Im feeling a more Roc Marciano mixed with “Fantastic Damage” era EL-P style to the production provided by Lonesword. Glitch’s music makes me feel like I am stuck in a Bunny Ear TV, and with each new song a channel is being changed.

The first track released to hype up the project is also the first joint on the album “BERNIE MADOFF WAX”. This track sounds like we are opening the creeky door that is the entrance into Deleteeglitch’s mind. Glitch has the best ad libs. Sometimes he just be yelling but my favorite is when he’s like “Uh huh”. The women laughing on the beat just adds to the vibe.

My favorite joint on the project has got to be “THEHEADBONECONNECTEDTOTHENECK”. The laser gun sounds on the beat are so dope. The teaser video Glitch dropped for this joint is all that plays in my mind, with the octopuses snatching wigs. S!lence did his thing on the track, bringing an outside element to Glitch’s world.

“CRYOGENIC IRONY” is one of those beats that doesn’t really have drums but is still knocking. That calculus line was definitely a standout on the project. The beat sounds like it was made in an abandoned factory, that Glitch is chilling in.

“THAT FEELY FEELING THAT FEELS FEELY” reminds me of “Danger!” off “Primordial Soup”. The laser sounds make a comeback again on the production, but there is also so many wonky sounds in the background creating a collage of sounds. When Roman hops on the track it adds a 90s NY vibe to the track. Glitch is always able to pull dope features I have never heard of.

“BIG OLE BURT” has a jazzy vibe to it. I could see Glitch performing this joint in an old dusty New Orleans bar next to the bayou. Anytime Glitch drops a wresting reference you know I’m peepin it. Lungs verse speeds up the track a bit, his flow has that on beat off beat vibe to it. That TV Land line dropped by Lungs really brought me back. One of my favorite joints on the album

“GOOD NEIGHBOR” featuring Skully Cipriani & Nine Livz is just a fun track. This one has big 90s NY vibes to it. I could easily see Glitch and the homies spitting in the subways. That Ginyu Force line was cold by Skully. Nine Livz brought some gritty energy to the track.

I love the beat chop on “CAPTAIN NEMOS PEGLEG”. It’s crazy how Glitch can go over beats that some people wouldn’t even attempt to touch. Big Flowers did his thing on the track, taking a stab at the abstract production.

“GOINGOVERTHESKWAYBLINDFOLDEDAT140FUCKITWHYNOT” is that jam. The wonky horns really make it sound like we driving over the Skyway. That crashing sound ad lib, Glitch does at the beginning of the track is a new favorite. That dope sample at the end was a nice way to end the track.

The homie Breezy Montclair pulls up to end the album on “LOUIEWASPLAYINGSKYRIMINTHECUT”. I really dig the warped sound on the production which is mirrored by the emcees. Really enjoyed Glitch’s flow on this one.

I am a huge fan of Deleteeglitch’s own production, but the work of Lonesword allowed Glitch to just focus on the rhymes, as well as have a more cohesive sound throughout the project despite the different style choices take on each track. Amazing project from the homie as always, but this is my favorite Deleteeglitch project to date.