Sunny Fritz- The FRITZTAPE Vol.1

Sunny Fritz drops is most introspective project to date, showing a wide array of emotions and sounds on “The FRITZTAPE Vol.1”.


The “Intro” kicks off the album with Sunny speaking directly to the listener, putting us on to what we should expect from the album, a roller coaster of emotions.

“Cut Me Off” is one of my favorite tracks of the year. The way Sunny flipped his southern Trill style over the NY Drill beat was a vibe for sure. I wouldn’t want Sunny to dabble all the way into the sub genre but a track here and there is the move. We need Frankie X on the remix for this joint, imma speak it into existence.

“Potion” featuring Lil Fancy & E $krilla is on some Tampa shit. The feel good beat just has you floating. $krilla did his thing on the hook, going for more of a more chilled out tone, rather than the street vibes he’s known for. lol Fancy does his thing as always, dropping a different flow to fit the vibe of the song. It was dope how Sunny speeds up his flow mid verse, while still fitting with the slowed down vibe of the track.

“Rrockstarr” should be played in every strip club throughout Tampa Bay. Not sure who made that beat but it’s a banger for sure. The way Sunny flipped his vocals on this joint I am not sure I have heard done before. We definitely need visuals for this one next.

“Runnin & Gunnin” is that classic Sunny. With the accompanying visuals it’s a great street single to place at the mid way point of the album. Sunny still on his street shit so don’t get it twisted. That who shot ya line was a standout line for me.

“Alley Oop” with KirbLaGoop is on some Florida shit. This was one of the first joints to drop from the tape so it’s been heavy in the rotation. The visuals dropped for the track are a vibe with that gas station esthetic. Kirb pulls up and does his thing on the track, adding some gravitas to the song.

They did this one for Tampa Bay mane. “ Sea Sick” featuring Kent Loon is what happens when 727 and 813 come together. The two are no strangers to each other but I feel this is their best collab to date. That beat is one of them ones. The video is a vibe for sure with all the green. We need Chester Watson on the remix.

“Animal” featuring Niko Is has Sunny on his boom bap shit. Prior to the release of the tape Sunny had been dropping a slew of freestyle videos building anticipation for the project. A majority of those tracks had a boom bap vibe so it was good to see this style make the final cut of the tape. The glistening piano beat has a Griselda vibe to it. The playful hook on this one was a nice mix up of the more hardcore content on the album. We need Sunny on some more boom bap joints, it’s what we need.

“Broken Boy” send us back into our emotions. The atmospheric beat, had a sense of longing to it. On one of the more introspective tracks, Sunny spits his heartache of love lost. Sunny is really in his pocket on this track. It’s good to see him add in more introspective tracks like this, connecting the listener to him on a more personal level.

The final track “Conversations With The Sun Pt.1” is a classic joint at this point. The melancholic track has Sunny spitting on the daughter he can’t see as well as the grind he has been on lately to change that. Despite all the hardships in life just keep your head up, it will be alright.

Really amazing project from the homie Sunny Fritz. His previous projects have reached 813 Essential status put I feel this one is the most complete of them all. It shows us all the sides of Sunny, and then some. If this is just a part one I can only image what’s in store for part 2.