The Usual Suspects Redux

With a successful opening art show, Raheem Fitzgerald is closing out the show strong , bringing along his usual suspects and even adding a few new friends to tag along at The Factory. We gon run it up!


ABSTRACTPOET went off for this show. The influences are there but Raheem is able to add in his sauce, making each piece feel like it’s apart of him. The nods to NHO on the Felix The Cat joints are for the day 1s. The onceler arm is mad nostalgic. The way he was able to balance the more barque pieces with the more modern ones is what stands out most.

American Spirit
American Dream

When Laurent and I discussed his art work on the podcast, I had no idea he was going to pull up with this type of fire. We all know someone who smokes “American Spirits” so it’s mad relatable. On top of the coffee table vibe giving it extra utility. Definite statement piece. Architecture lovers will appreciate the esthetic of the “American Dream” piece.


I really dig the variety of pieces Scott Fisher brought to the show. His Modern Americana esthetic is something I can really get behind. We need a multi colored “ICE” collection on either shirts or canvas soon.


It was pretty surreal seeing the “Modern Cowboy” piece in person at Raheems own art show. Bailey Gumienny’s color palette gives the piece a hero riding off into the sunset vibe.


Anytime we get a new piece from the GOAT it’s a blessing. When I first laid eyes on this bad boy I had to ask, “How’d you do this bro?” The physical pieces from Gallardo just hit different.

It was really dope to see some of Justin Wagher’s work in person, aside from the one in the BTS studio. The almost modern industrial take of his work, is unlike most I have seen.


The one and only DATASYNCED is pulling up again to hold it down on the 1s and 2s. After receiving high praise for his first DJ set at the opening event, I can only imagine what kind of gems he is going to bless the crowd with this time around

I am unfamiliar with “DogRadio” and “Damaggge” but I am interested to see how they play into this curated experience.

Flygod is an Awesome

History was made at the opening event so I highly suggest you pull up to the closing event, you never know if these pieces ever will be on display again. Word has it your IG crush will also be pulling up, so the pressure is on. RSVP on the Eventbrite, pick up the exclusive VIP bundle for $30 and get some extra swag from the ABSTRACT. Jit Camp Bonfire Podcast Ep.11 will be dropping soon so peep that for more insight on the show.