Deleteeglitch- How To Make A Tissue Dance EP

We take another trip into the mind of Deleteeglitch, on his latest EP “How To Make A Tissue Dance.”


Whenever I listen to Glitch he puts me in a wonky space, sort of how David Lynch films make me feel. Apparently recorded while battling a sickness, we the listener also experience the sickness of the music with production handled by DØØFUS, giving the “Walking Error” room to breath on the beats.

I love how “GOTHROCKVOYCE” starts out with the weird bells, and Glitch just spitting “yo yo yo yoyoyo yo yo”. Glitch just hits this pocket on certain beats, where you just get hit with a barrage of bars, but it’s not on some lyrical miracle shit, just good Hip Hop.

“INFRAREDINCUBUS” featuring ROMAN is by far the wonkiest production on the project. ROMAN always does his thing when he pops up on a Glitch track, brining that boom bap vibe. Standout bar for me is that one where Glitch spits “I was twelve rapping off of Dilla beats”.

My favorite track on the project is “SNOTTRAWKETS”. Anytime Glitch is over some creepy production I am here for it. The beat by DOOFUS sounds like it could be from the sixties film “The Naked Kiss”. That constant “Dooo Doo Dooo” will get stuck in your head. You can hear Glitch sneeze and cough at the beginning of a couple of these joints, making the sickness element really hit home, despite how sick he feels, the “Walking Error” has gotta drop that heat. At this point is it the drugs or the Benadryl.

Deleteeglitch kept it short and sweet on this one, which is really all he needs to do at this point. Die hard fans are still running “Whispers Of The Wayside” which is reaching Classic status, or his previous effort “Primordial Soup”. This is how you stay active and relevant, without having to drop full bodies of work. Just drop little nuggets here and there to keep the fans hungry for the big ones. The theme and reality of the project made it feel more then just a 3 track EP, little things like that are what make Glitch one of my favorites in the game.