Solid Metal Nightmares

Impacted by the seminal Cyber Punk classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man by Shinya Tsukamoto, Pollex World unveils their latest creation in the name of the new flesh!


At the time of its release in 1989, the 16mm Body Horror nightmare helped spark a revival of Japanese indie cinema going into the early nineties. The themes of technological paranoia can still be felt today, as the growing concern of technology becoming apart of our body due to its dependency in our society.

Shine Bright

As the metal slowly absorbs Tetsuo he and the steel become one and the same. Some may look at Tetsuo as a monster or is he just a higher advanced form of man. The film may be to graphic for some viewers but those aspects really hammer home this nightmarish tale of metal.

Cartoons & Cereal

Just like how the metal in the film consumes Tetsuo, Pollex World always seems to find a way to work their way into our life, on both a physical and mental level. Just sit back and relax, Pollex World is here. Long Live The New Flesh!