Mike Finesse- Sage Mode

All the way from NY, the homie Mike Finesse channels all his chakras on “Sage Mode”

🏕️💯 🐸 🥷

The project kicks off with the title track “Sage Mode”. Tons of video game references throughout the track make it an enjoyable listen. Mike went crazy with that Wendy’s 4 for 4 line. It seems Mike has leveled up all the way to Sage Mode, and is presenting us with this project.

Things take a more melodic note on “Serpentz”. Everyone has delt with snakes and betrayal and Mike is no different. All the trials and tribulations Mike has faced throughout his life built him up to reach the level he is at today. I really dig the melodic change up on this track, taking a break from the morning Hardcore Hip Hop sound Mike is known for.

The airy “No Way” bring a light hearted tone to the project. Mike’s done playing games and is on the search for something real. I really mess with the hook on this joint.

“Make Out Paradise” is one for the club. This track shows how versatile Mike is, he can go from the streets, to heartbreak, to the club! This track is short but sweet, with Mike still getting his point across.

I love the beat on “Amaterasu”. Mike is back on his Hardcore Hip Hop shit but adding in a melodic twist. This track has Mike’s best flow on the whole project.

“Ghosts” is on some street vibes. Just because everything look all good on the outside doesn’t mean that things are all good on the inside. Mike tackles the ghosts and skeletons hiding in his closet on this introspective track. From drugs to trifling hoes, Mike puts his all into this song.

“Reaper Death Seal” has a bit of a somber vibe but Mike does his thing on the melodic tip. The trickling Hi Hats on the beat make for a great soundscape for Mike to do his thing.

“Hidden Rain Village (Pain)” featuring the one and only Michaela Paladio is hands down my favorite track on the project. From the Castle Cagliostro sample on the beat to the storytelling Mike delivers throughout the song. Not only is the sample insane but the beat is very hard hitting, adding a bit of NY Drill vibes to the track. Michaela brings it home with her lush vocals on the outro, add a gravitas to the track.

The homie Mike Finesse really did his thing on “Sage Mode”. I feel like the Tampa Bay Area could really get behind this project once they give it a listen. That “Hidden Rain Village” track is one of them ones. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Mike Finesse and the rest of the 4EverLitt crew in the rest of 2023.