AI Of The Beholder

Multidisciplinary artists DATASYNCED is pushing the boundaries of what AI technology can handle, peaking into the future, on the cusp of bringing our wildest dreams to life.


While the focus is on the future, DATASYNCED has used AI to get a glimpse at what vacation spots, wild life, spas, as well as what a dystopian pollution filed future could hold for Earth.


In a future filled with remote work, what will a traditional work space or place of business look like. Would these experimental work retreats be the norm. Once your subconscious is numb would humans be able to go back to their past habits


These experimental concepts for Alkaline Water & Desalination Plants. Due to miss use the risk of losing our clean water supply down the road is a real possibility. It’s time we take the necessary steps to try and figure out an alternative. The desalination or removing the salt from saline water could be one answer to that problem. DATASYNCED has used the AI to generate what these Desalination Plants could look like.

Take A Deep Breath

With all the recent reports of our air quality getting worse, DATASYNCED locked in with the AI technology to create Oxygen Priority Suites designed to increase air quality. Being a person with asthma I can relate to the answers DATA is searching for.


With hospitals these days being so drab and undesirable places, what if the hospital was a bit livelier, would it result in a better environment for those on deaths door, or even those for a short stay. What if you could make your hospital room, feel more like home at the touch of a button.

Mask Up

Depicted in the above scenarios is what the AI spit out when DATASYNCED inquired about 2030 climate change. You thought the masks during COVID where bad, imagine having to use them at all times due to how polluted the air is. Long sleeves and jumpsuits will become the norm, to protect our entire body from contamination. Due to the harsh changes, the sky’s color will begin to change, almost decaying.

Filter that
Who Am I

If y’all think privacy is an issue now just wait until the future. Filters on your phone are just the beginning, wait until we are able to utilize them out in the real world, merging what is real and what is fake. People bitch about finger scanners, it’s only a matter of time before you will be Face ID to get into your records.

Hot Springs

It’s not all bad in the future! These Artificial Geothermal Spring images could be the cure for ultimate relaxation. The hot springs and tub are all one. What if there was a way to make these springs available in all areas, sort of like a deluxe spa experience. Who knows it could even be possible to have this experience in your own backyard.

Wild Life

With various species of wild life being depleted each year it could only be a matter of time before we need to rely on AI animals and insects to take their place, continuing the flow of the ecosystem like nothing ever happen. Personally I feel like this would be a sad outcome. If cloning isn’t up to snuff by then this system could be used to replace animals that are used more for labor, but imagine a whole AI based rainforest, kind of eerie.

The possibilities are vast for what AI technology could do for us in the future. From music, to art, to aspects that will effect our daily routine, it is crucial for artists like DATASYNCED to keep pushing to boundaries of what AI can handle, furthering our journey into the future faster than we know it,

Messenger Tasks

Following up their inaugural “China Shop Bull” release, Concealed United is back with the “Messenger Tasks” collection.

🏕️💯✉️ 🔭

With Fall in full swing and Winter just around the corner, I was hoping Concealed would come through with some gear aimed for the colder months.

Good For Nothing

Every good messenger needs a bag to carry their messages, now this is all possible with the “Good For Nothing” tote. The purple on purple hits real well on the cream colored bag. Purple is one of my favorite colors so it’s a winner for me. The tote itself looks pretty sturdy, allowing for it to be packed to the brim.

Protector Ringer

The brand new “Protector Ringer” tee is essential for any fan of the brand. Featuring the “Concealed Protector” on the back of the tee, and the Concealed Untied logo we all know and love on the pocket. It’s not often you see the ringer look being used instead of a basic tee but I’m for it.

Team Grey

The “Rogue” crewneck is my favorite piece Concealed has dropped to date, other than the statement piece patchwork denim. I am big on crewnecks, especially this time of the year. Not to mention anything Grey is guaranteed to catch my fancy, you already know it’s Team Grey 4L. I also mess with the through the woods graphic on the front.

Once again Concealed Untied did it again with another amazing drop. I like that Chad & the team are focusing on quality small drops, with a variety of pieces, rather than just dropping a bunch of tees. The brand is slowly forming its identity, and I am happy to support it, watching the story grow before our very eyes.

813 Essential Reviews: Asaru- All Praises Due

Tampa Bay newcomer Asaru proved he could hang with the scenes top emcees on his sophomore effort “All Praises Due”, delivering the city an 813 Essential Album, during one of its darkest times.


2020 was a rough year for everyone and that can be felt throughout this project. In a way I am sure these songs acted as therapy to help the listener but also the man himself get through life’s struggles.

The project starts with “Amen”. News footage is played depicting the rise of COVID, the death of George Floyd, and other major moments that happened in 2020. Being from NYC, Asaru has a great voice for Hip Hop. That sound is really missing in Tampa Bay and I am glad he is adding that flavor to our growing melting pot. Bars and flows are mad on point, he’s spitting the truth but it doesn’t come off as lyrical miracle. Once the 808s kick in towards the end, we get a little Down South flavor.

“Pray” features a piano laced beat with hard hitting production. Asaru is a very relatable emcee. Everyone needs a prayer sometimes. The hook could come off corny in the wrong hands but Asaru pulls it off with ease. With the odds stacked in his favor Asaru is able to overcome all the obstacles.

“Need Sun’n” is a certified banger. I really dig his interpretation of “Ha”. Once he spits “Oh it’s lit”, bro just goes crazy over the beat. Asaru hands down has one of the best flows in the game once he hits that pocket. Some could feel Asaru comes off as preachy on some tracks, but he’s just spitting that real talk.

The title track “All Praises Due” brings Asaru back to his Boom Bap roots, and I’m all here for it. Hard hitting beats and even harder bars. I feel down the road this is gonna go down as one of Asaru’s classic records.

“Underdog” is for anyone coming from the bottom. The flute based sample adds a bit of a bop feel that works as a nice change of pace at this point in the album. One of my favorite hooks on the project. Really dope way for the beat to just ride out.

The “Hallway” interlude puts a lot in perspective, allowing Asaru to gather his thoughts.

“Everyday” featuring Michaela Paladio and DJ Sandman is a Tampa Bay Classic at this point. From the scratching of Sandman, to Michaela providing those nostalgic vocals. Asaru pretty much gives us a slice of life in one song. Amazing record showing love to both his old and new home.

The project ends out on the melancholic “Look What He Did / Amari”. More thought provoking lyrics from Asaru, contemplating money and fame with a simple life. Asaru sees his true potential, and will continue to strive to be the best. Yo that beat switch at the end is a moment foreal. The last few bars are a shout out to his younger brother, making the album feel a bit more personal.

With the 1 Year Anniversary of this project just passing I wanted to show it some love. Asaru is really carving out his own lane in the Tampa Bay scene, showing that you can come from the outside and still make shit shake, if you got the bars and bravado to back it up.

Zhudaru1963- Skin Tone Single Review

Zhudaru1963 delivers something for the ladies on the DJ Donnie Luv assisted “Skin Tone”.

Following up one of the years best singles “Trap Marley”, I was interested to see what would come next out of the Zhu. With no full project announced as of yet, I’m cool with loose singles dropping from time to time just to show the rest of the game what’s up.

I like as of late that Zhu is having fun, becoming a bit more playful with his latest tracks. If “Trap Marley” was for the streets, than “Skin Tone” has got to be for the ladies. That’s not to say that fellas can’t get down to the track as well, the beat is to good not to get ya moving, plus that hook instantly will get stuck in your head.

The Sluggs come to the Zhu, when Donnie Luv comes through to add some ad libs, and talk that talk. Her gravitas added to the song for sure, and you know I had to get hype when two of the burgs biggest collectives come together.

I can almost assume we will get some visuals for this joint soon so be on the look out for that. You can already bet this is going to get heavy rotation on “The New Tampa Bay” playlist, so don’t sleep.

And Ya Say Drop City

Conceived back in 2020 prior to COVID, Gat$ had the idea to get all the rappers in Tampa together to create one big gang project for the city. At the time this project was dubbed “Drops & Robbers”. With COVID putting a stop to that plan, the idea has been revived as the “Drop City Collective”.


With a slew of tracks in the cut the first joint to put all of Florida on notice was the “XXL Freestyle” featuring artists from Tampa, as well as the 727s own Dabron Kain. The Key Kartel’s own Heavykev provided the piano based beat for all the emcees to go in own. Lil Fancy always kills it over a Kev beat, it was nice to see him start things off. Gat$ did his thing, spitting that wrist talk. I was unfamiliar with The Black Ace but he did his thing. Barely Legal brought their zany attitude to the freestyle, and it was dope hearing them in this environment. REASY brought that southern esthetic to the freestyle. Jay Browne ripped it as always. That “Marcus Camby” line was a standout. It was nice to see the burg get some representation with the homie Dabron Kain coming through. It was dope how he changed up his flow mid verse. Flex Winter closed the freestyle out with some street vibes, since it is Drop City. Contender for Posse Cut of the year.

🏕️💯 🐶

The second single “Cujo” brings out that feel good vibe from Tampa. The Heavykev and Gat$ produced track has a feel good vibe. Tampa Bay legend Famous Kid Brick pulls up to add some gravitas to the song.


Working as the collectives first EP, this installment features one of my favorite tracks “Keisha” featuring heavy hitters Scxtt Aye & Asaru. It was dope to hear Benny The Butcher pop up in the beginning. Pretty sure he was supposed to have a verse but Def Jam bullshitting. Gat$ returns again on production providing a subdued beat and verse but you have no choice but to nod your head. Scxtt Aye is having a Hall Of Fame year in 2022, and this verse adds to it. Asaru is one of my favorites in Tampa Bay right now. It’s always a treat when a bunch of spitters get together.

“Diamonds Dance” is my shit yo. Perception killed it with the beat. If Lil Fancy doesn’t get you ready for war on the opening verse I’m not sure what will. Not gonna lie I think this is my favorite Jay Browne verse now, I just love his confidence and energy, you really feel it when he’s touches the mic. Gat$ snapped with that “Contra” and “Blanca” rhyme scheme that probably went over most of y’all’s head.

“Trauma” was featured on Gat$ edition of Saturday Sermon for beatsnchill813. It was nice to hear the official track version on this EP. Gat$ is really slept on as a producer, and I’m glad this project gives me an opportunity to hear other people on his beats.


“Kiccstand” is giving me big Ybor City energy. Gat$ and Heavykev out did themselves again on a production tip, especially on that horn beat breakdown. Glad to see Flex Winter pop up again, he’s always been one of my favorite spitters. Haven’t heard much from Perception but his work with Drop City has definitely put me on. The homie Richie Guapo finally pulls up on a Drop City release, fitting the vibe to a tee. Famous Kid Brick adds that catchy flavor at the end, as well as that gravitas he always brings to a single.

Despite being just a demo “Fake Opps” is a big vibe. The feel good island vibe is bound to get any party moving. It was nice to see Zae pop up on a track, he’s been doing his thing lately. When I head the beat I instantly thought Pusha Preme should be on this and I got my wish. Gat$ brings more of an introspective vibe to the song which was a nice change of pace.

With the next Drop SZN on the horizon it’s only a matter of time before we get more from the Drop City Collective. Between the making of docs and the small samplings so far, the idea of unity and just making dope music for the city will only make us stronger. Tampa will win!

Saturday Sermons S2

With the end of Season 2 of the Saturday Sermons live performance web series powered by beatsnchill813 I decided to highlight each edition of this latest season.


Saturday Sermons highlights one producer and one emcee, each week to come on and spit a freestyle. Each emcee brings their own style to the Sermon, allowing each installment to have a different vibe. It’s also a great opportunity to hear some of your favorite artists over different production, or in a different setting.


Season 2 kicked off with REASY, who brought southern vibes to the triumphant beat provided by Six6ThAve. REASY exudes confidence on the mic. Towards the middle of his verse REASY comes through with the sped up flow. I haven’t peeped any of his projects but after this sermon I have no choice but to do my homework.

Ep.2 Sam E Hues

The homie Sam E Hues pulled up for episode 2 of the season. Guy Avrg brings out a hard hitting beat for Same, who is no stranger to Avrg’s production, with the man producing Hues’ latest effort “When Tigers Used To Smoke.” Mr.Hues is always guaranteed to bring Down South vibes with his southern twang flow, and pimp tyte bars. It was nice to see Sam really go off on some hard hitting production.

Ep.3 Tre Butler

Yessir repping the 727, the homie Tre Butler puts on for the burg, ripping one of the best sets from the entire season. Young Swedish Prodigy handled the production on this one, which caught me off guard since Tre & Six6ThAve have worked in the past. Tre spits a damn near 5 minute set over the “Phantom Of Synths” like beat. The storytelling is next level. If it wasn’t made clear before Tre is one of the best lyricist on both sides of the bay.

Ep.4 Vern SR

Vern SR provides that laid back vibe for his episode, over his own production of coarse. Vern’s smooth energy was a nice change up, from the bar heavy episodes prior. That’s not to say Vern isn’t spitting that shit, he is just with his own game and style. Every time I hear some new shit from Vern I get even more excited for his next project.

Ep.5 Pusha Preme

One of my anticipated artists to see on the Saturday Sermon platform was Pusha Preme. I don’t think I have heard Preme over Guy Avrg production yet but they are a match made in heaven. This shit reminds me of “Before I Say, I Do” era Preme, where he was letting dudes have it. Preme can still come through with the bars, and this sermon put everyone on notice.

Ep.6 Gat$

Mr.Rolling Loud himself Gat$ has been on a crazy run as of late. His edition of the sermon added to that with him providing one of my favorite sermons this season, over his own production. The piano laced beat was used for a lot of Saturday Sermons promo this season, so it was dope to see things come full circle on this episode.

Ep.7 Nico Sweet

Episode 7 featured one of my favorite artists of 2022, Nico Sweet. Her energy and feel good vibe always gets me hype during a live show, and her sermon was no different. With Beat Gawd handling the jazzy production, this sermon is full of life. Nico keeps it short and sweet, but it definitely got me intrigued to see her over jazzier production.

Ep.8 Jay Browne

The season finale for Season 2 featured the one and only Jay Browne. Bro has been the king of feature verses for the past few years, so I was instantly hype when they announced he’d be closing out the season. SixThAve returns to finish of the season as well, delivering a hard hitting sample based beat for the Bay Area Bully. That “Clone Wars” line was so cold. Just like Tre, Browne damn near reaches the 5 min mark, which is a feat in its own right.

Other than the podcast and events they throw, big shout out to beatsnchill813 for providing artists and producers a platform to just spit their stuff without restraints. Can’t wait to see what Season 3 brings, fingers crossed on some of my favorite spitters like BTMVLE Jotta, Deleteeglitch, Sunny Fritz, and Junkyrd making the cut for next year.

9henom- Playtime!

The multitalented 9henom takes us on a ride with his latest demo project “Playtime!”.


“Applause” starts things off, with 9henom hitting that double time flow. The subdued beat allows you to fully take in 9henom’s vocals. I really mess with that echo effect used towards the end of the song.

“Plastic (Rough)” brings that playful vibe 9henom is known for when it comes to production. The wonky beat fits 9henom’s scattered flow on this one. The beat on this track reminds me of some Wii sports vibes.

“Mc Royale With Cheese” has a funky vibe to it. 9henom hits the double time flow a bit on this track, hitting the listener with a barrage of bars. You can really hear the fun 9henom is having just spitting off the dome. I’d like to see visuals for this one.

The “Palm Trees (Interlude)” is a different vibe. I dig the almost disco vibe from the production. Not many people can pull off a track like this but 9henom has the vocal range to nail it.

“Faded” has a bit of a grungy vibe to it at first, but when 9henom starts spitting it comes of more lighthearted. Dope track to sing along with.

“Piggyback” produced by 7spellz has a bit of Soufien3000 sound to it. The touches of chopped and screwed elements add to the more braggadocious tones in the song. The vocal change up towards the end of each verse are a nice change of pace.

“My God” is hard hitting but also soulful. Some of my favorite 9henom tracks are the one that have a bit of Drum and Bass sound, with his higher pitched vocals over it, giving the track a nostalgic almost disco sound.

“Dénouement” is so epic. 9henom’s flow and rhyme scheme fits the atmospheric beat. 9henom really brings it with the bars, showing he is a top tier emcee in the scene. One of my favorite songs on the album.

“Joker” closes out the project on some cool laid back vibes. This that song you just play chilling pool side. This track has a tad bit of West Coast energy which really works for me. That “Hills Have Eyes” line was so cold. Really chill song.

The only thing this project is missing is “Tru Story” but I feel that will make its way onto 9henom’s next project. For a demo album this is really good quality. It’s been a minute since we heard from 9henom and he picked up right where he left off. Shout out to The Playground.

Richie Guapo- No Sleep

The PERM$ head honcho Richie Guapo gets us hype all night with “No Sleep” entirely produced by Key Kartel’s own Dinero Tarantino, mixed and mastered by SodanSwishers.


Guapo & Dinero made waves on Guapo’s previous effort “Blaque”, so it was a no brainer to continue the vibe for an entire project.

The intro track “Pluto” reminds me of mixtape era Gucci. The hook is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Dinero comes through with the fast paced beat. The spaced out keys take the song to another world. Guapo changes the vocals up a bit towards the mid section of the track but it fits the vibe.

“4PM” is that race around joint. The 808s are on full effect courtesy of Dinero. Guapo hits the double time flow throughout the song. The “skrt” ad lib from Guapo is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

“BULLY” reunites 2 of Tampa Bay’s finest with the addition of Lil Fancy to the equation. Easily one of my favorite hooks on the project. Lil Fancy brings a more subdued flow to the track which was unexpected but I messed with it.

“4PF (FREEBANDZ)” is a certified banger. “Keep a few bandz in my pocket” is bound to get stuck in your head. Indie.Indigo brought even more energy to the track, shout out to REACH on his verse as well.

“Count It Up” is reminiscent of some of the tracks from “Blaque”. It would be a Guapo project if he didn’t shout out “Fukk Em Worldwide”. This track has some of my favorite flows Guapo has displayed on the project. Dinero comes through like always with some trickling hi hats.

“Beastmode” has Guapo back on his shit. Not gonna lie despite the difference in sound, I could hear this track on one of the Hot Boy Guap tapes, which shows Guapo still sticks to the core elements of his sound despite the tone or vibe.

“Money Phone” is a hit boi!! It would be dope to get a club video of this track. The legend Famous Kid Brick comes through bringing some gravitas to the song. Lil Fancy brings mad energy to the song, his vocals was really hitting on this one. Dinero had the 808 really hitting on this joint. It was dope how the features was spliced up in the track.

What can I say Guapo does it again. I really like that fact that he saw what worked on “Blaque” and team up with Dinero Tarantino to further the sound, artists like Guapo, Fancy, and E.$krilla have been pioneering over the past few years. Another great installment to Guapo’s growing catalog.

Kozyy8- Ethereal

Kozzy8 proves he’s one of the best singer songwriters in Tampa Bay, on the eclectic “Ethereal” one of the most positive albums I have heard in years.


Last years “Kozyy’s Summer” was one of my favorite projects of the year especially the classic “Ice Cream Cake” but I appreciate the more mature effort on “Ethereal”.

“Raise The Vibration” is one of my favorite songs of the year. I just dig how feel good this joint is. No matter what’s going on in your life if you stay calm and remain positive you’ll be ok. The hook from this track is bound to get stuck in your head.

I love how laid back “Everyday” is. Kozyy8 does a bit of rapping on this joint but I think the real star is his hooks. His vocals are A1 on this entire project. Just easy listenings man.

“Self Love” is that bop. The futuristic production sets the tone instantly. Once again Kozyy8 is snapping when it comes to vocals, no one in the game is touching him. This one you just light up, and let your worries go away. That “Sing with me, sing with me” part gets me every time. What sets Kozyy8 apart from the rest is how relatable he his on a track. Really dope uplifting track.

“New Level” is on a bit of a melancholic tip, but Kozyy8 is able to make it feel positive. Once you clear your mind from all of life’s distractions you can reach a new level. Kozyy8 does a bit of storytelling on this track, which was a dope touch.

“I Am Free” is an anthem. Being confined is just a state of mind, but having clear thoughts leads to mental freedom. This is just one of those day in the life joints. “I’m spreading my wings” is one of my favorite lines. Big vibes.

“Alignment” has a bit of a cloudy vibe to it. I mess with Kozyy8’s flow on the verses. Easily one of my favorite hooks on the project. It’s pretty remarkable for Kozyy8 to continue the positive vibes without coming off stale.

“Follow Your Heart” brings us back with some smooth guitar. Kozyy8’s beats always have a Island vibe to them and this is a great example. I can see him performing this live at some lavish beach bar, girls dancing to the side to set the tone. One of my favorite songs off the project, love this sound. When them horns come in it’s game over.

“Good Energy” has a bit of a bouncy vibe to it. I really mess with the futuristic production Kozyy8 dabbled with on this project.I dig the flow Kozyy8 puts down on this song, adding to the bouncy vibe. Everything you do and consumes has an effect on your energy, make sure your frequencies are in tune for good energy.

“Elevate” one of those put your lighters up tracks. Once again bro kills it with the tone and vibe of this track. You have no choice but to get these hooks stuck in your head. This might be the best produced albums of the year. We need to hear some of these joints live.

“TLC” has some smooth drums on it. I really related to the message on this track. Often we do so much for others we need to just take a step back and give ourselves some “TLC”.

“Complete You” has Kozyy8 on some spoken words vibes in the beginning but then it rolls into the hook. Before you can truly love someone else you have to love yourself. The low key piano in the back, took the song to the next level.

“Breath” is bound to relive your stress. This low key feels like a smoking song, and I can get behind that for sure. Just keep calm and take a deep breath, all will be well. Kozyy8 has seen ups and downs in his life, but he just focuses on his breathing, exhaling all the bad vibes.

Things get a bit more somber on “It’s You”. This is probably the most RnB based track on the project but Kozyy8 hits it out the park. A track like this could come off corny, but Kozyy8 has the vocals to pull it off.

The album ends on “Peace Of Mind”. Things speed up a bit more on this track, with some really dope backing vocals. Kozyy8 finishes strong with another fire hook. It’s going to be a real joy to hear these tracks with live instrumentation, especially the end of this joint.

Kozyy8 exceeds the sophomore slump with one of the best produced albums I have heard in years. Not only is this project better than “Kozyy Summer”, but there ain’t really no one else in the area truly doing it like Kozyy8. He’s got a great message I can get behind, and I’ve been rocking with fam since day 1. Really excited to see what’s to come for the homie. We need some visuals for a few of these tracks, as well as a live show soon. You already know this is gonna put up on the end of year list.

Three D Swayze- Sick Sad World, Vol.1

Three D Swayze shows off a new sound on “Sick Sad World, Vol. 1”.


Swayze’s “King Boo” project was one of my favorite joints to come out that year, especially that “Cash Coma” joint. So I was pretty hype to see what he was brining with this new sound.

The project starts off with the high energy “Johnny Cash” featuring Krysis theword. Swayze has always been known to bring mad energy to his songs and this one is no exception. Great way to start the project.

“Jelly Bean” featuring the PERM$ head honcho Richie Guapo is the definition of Trill. We definitely need a video for this joint. It’s safe to say this is one of my favorite tracks of the year. I love the Trill esthetic Swayze brought on this one, and having Guapo on the track added some gravitas.

“Berlin 99” was the first single released for this project, and I feel that was a solid choice. Once people hear the sample they are bound to get hype. I could hear this joint being played at festivals and such, I feel he should try to push it even more. The visuals for this one bring the whole vibe together, so check that out as well.

I really mess with the new array of sounds Swayze is dabbling with as of late. I would want to see him bring out a bit more of that Trill esthetic, but so far his latest single “God Hand” should hold us over until Vol 2 drops.