Rap Game Seth Rogen.

The Zhudaru1963 elephant makes an appearance on the cover.

While under quarantine last year, Acoupstix out of the Zhudaru1963 collective was able to craft one of the dopest projects to come out of the burg in 2021 with “Couped Up”.

The entire project was recorded and mixed by the man himself Zhudaru1963 so you know the sound quality is top notch. Acoupstix is able to bring that stoner rap style while still keeping it 100% St.Pete. The album is a perfect blend of chill vibes, bangers, and even some introspective joints.

Acoupstix has a very southern accent when he raps, which adds to his more bluesy records like “Love”, “My Drugs”, and “Seeds” featuring Alexis Julianna. This mid section of the album shows Coup on a more introspective vibe, spitting about life and relationships.

That’s not to say this album doesn’t have some bangers on it like the prologue track “Ego”, and “Smoke”, the later features one of Coup’s most ear wormy hooks to date. My fingers are crossed for a “Zhuting” remix featuring all the members of the Zhudaru1963 collective, this one is definitely the anthem.

My favorite tracks on the album are when Acoupstix is in his stoner rap bag. Tracks like “Be That” and “Whole Mood” transport me onto a yacht, smoking a joint in the middle of Tampa Bay. Other than his game day anthem “Easy Dubs”, “Whole Mood” has got to be Acoupstix’s best track to date, from the production, bars, and total song concept.

Acoupstix made a good thing out of a bad situation on “Couped Up”, bringing his own style to the Zhudaru1963 collective and cementing himself as a major figure in the St.Pete Hip Hop scene. Super hype for whatever drops next from Acoupstix and the entire Zhudaru1963 collective.