10pm In St.Petersburg.

After a slew of singles, Josiah Odin carves out his own lane in the St.Pete Hip Hop landscape with his debut EP “Sacrifices”.

What sets Josiah apart from a lot of other artists in the scene are his introspective lyrics and song concepts. Each track seems like it really happened to him or someone he knows. This aspect makes his music really relatable, especially being from the same city.

I would say style wise he reminds me of a “Take Care”/ “NWTS” era Drake but if he was from the Burg. Not fully breaking into song like Drake, Josiah is able to create sing songy hooks without coming off corny.

The intro track “Close Enough” sets the tone for the album stylistically and content wise. The windshield metaphor was really on point. The beats are very atmospheric but still have that knock we all know and love in the south.

My favorite track on the project is “Goat In Omar’s Room”, which I am pretty sure features a sample from “4pm in Calabasas” one of my favorite Drake tracks.

“Brb” is the lead single off “Sacrifices”.

On the lead single “Brb” Josiah dives into his struggles with his relationship. I would for sure like to see a visual for this track, it would really add to the story.

There are no shortage of bangers on this project, with “Feel Like Myself Again” and “Survival” breaking up the EP well. These are the type of tracks I feel the city will really get behind, having more of an anthem vibe. I really dug the versatility Josiah showed on this project. That beat and hook on “Survival” are game changers. Josiah his on his braggadocios shit spitting “I got Caprisun Juice, you know the kid won’t lose”.

Despite taking a more introspective approach tracks like “Blame” and “Late Night Views” still have that club vibe. It’s only a matter of time before “Blame” is in every clubs rotation.

Was really blown away by this project, once Josiah drops some videos and gets some shows under his belt, the sky is the limit for him.