UAC Over Everything.

Despite not dropping a full length project in 2020 the UAC collective made up of Khol Bars & Kmon Beats have been flooding the streets with singles and features, building anticipation for their next release.

“Puff Puff Pass” is my quintessential UAC track. A banging cloud rap beat with some of the dopest flows you’ve heard this side of the skyway. Lately the crew has been giving me big Main Attrakionz vibes, one of the groups famous for ushering in the cloud rap scene.

UAC up next.

On “Water WRLD” UAC takes us on a trip to Atlantis with an airy and watery beat. There is still plenty of knock to the beat making it ready made to be in your banger playlist.

Could definitely hear this over some “Inyuasha” visuals.

The beat selection on all of the recent singles has been A1 not a dud in the bunch. For some reason when I hear this track I get like an anime vibe from it. My favorite verse comes from Kmon when he spits “Yeah you 25 but your mind is stuck in senior year.” I dug the subtle approach each MC took when delivering their verses, it complimented the beat nicely.

The flows on this one are unreal.

On “Manifest Destiny” UAC is 3rd Eye sharp, with some of their wildest flows to date. Both verses from Khol Bars and Kmon Beats have flow switches towards the end of each respected verse. This was definitely a nice touch.

Main Attrakionz vibes on this cloud rap banger.

One of my favorite UAC tracks to date is “Free”. The island cloud rap beat is the perfect back drop for Kmon and Khol to go bar for bar interchanging verses rather than going back to back. We need some visuals for this one asap.

You know it was gonna be a banger with Juan Hunna.

Never would have expected Juan Hunna on a UAC track but this is probably the hardest track the collective has released. From the verses to the beat, the more trap vibe on this track showed UAC can spit on any kind of beat with anyone.

“Athlete” is a solo effort from Kmon Beats.

The newest solo track from Kmon Beats “Athlete” is very laid back. Both Kmon and Khol Bars have always been on point when it came to the hooks, but lately with this one and “Puff Puff Pass” they have really gone next level.

UAC killed it on this feature.
UAC was featured on one of my favorite tracks off Palm Pact’s “Armada”.

UAC landed two huge features recently. The first was assisting Rubbaband Shan’s “Behind Closed Doors” this feature was a different vibe for the crew but they came with the dope verses as always. UAC sounded right at home on “In The Moment” which is my favorite track of Palm Pact’s “Armada” project.

Not sure what the next full length project will be, fingers crossed for the “hybrid” installment of their “THC & Chill” mixtape series featuring “In Da Cut With Indica” and “Saturday With Sativa”. Stay tuned to Jit Camp for everything coming out of the UAC collective.