Enter Tha Grave Mix

Over the past year or so Deezy Wee The Reaper has been pioneering his own chopped up/ slowed down mixes over in the 813. The “Grave Mix” is an outlet for artists to drop unreleased music that is just sitting in their file graveyard. Whether you smoked out or just lurkin with tha homies the Grave Mix is on some reap shit. Welcome to tha Grave Mix!

Grave Mix Vol.1

The inaugural mix features unreleased joints from The Reaper himself. All the spooky drops and horror film cuts add into the Grave theme. I dig how the beat will still be at normal speed but Deezy will slow down the vocals, giving off a haunting presence.

Grave Mix Vol. II (Grave Rob Edition)

Vol.II is my favorite Pre Guapo Era Grave Mixes. This was the first installment featuring other artists, dubbed the Grave List. Vern Sr, Indie Indigo, Richie Guapo, John Lam, & 750ds. Anytime old school film clips are sampled on a project I get hype. This mix is Trill af. It’s rare nowadays to see artists still trying to push Trill culture forward especially in Florida, but Deezy comes at it with a genuine approach while adding in his own flavor. The more cloud rap and Trill tracks selected for this mix are what make it my favorite.

Grave Mix Vol. III (Hosted By Richie Guapo)

From the Grave List to hosting the Grave Mix, this is the first installment to feature Richie Guapo as host. This installment features joints from Guapo himself, E$krilla, Vern Sr, Fetti Suo, Lil Page, YZM, Sunny Fritz, and Indie Indigo. Whenever the old school wresting drops are added in to the beginning of each track I get so hype. I think Deezy still had my favorite joint on this mix, his style fits perfectly with the Grave Mix concept.

Grave Mix Vol.IV (Smoke Mix)

The 4th installment of the Grave Mix is for all the smokers. Deezy & Guapo hand picked some of the haziest tracks from Cloudmaster Price, Drogotdoe, Three D. Swayze, Nico Sweet, Juice Ronaldo, Pusha Preme, and Guapo himself. My favorite joints off the mix come from Drogotdoe & Swayze. This is the mix you just roll up and lurk out to. It was really dope every the Grave Mix of “Hennydropguap”.

Grave Mix Vol.V

The fifth and latest installment of the Grave Mix is one of my favorites to date. With possibly the biggest Grave List to date it’s hard to argue this one. Deezy & Guapo hit everyone off rips with the haunting intro track from Tony Handz. The Grave List includes YZM, Big Kaino, Dior Ding/ Té Tha Dawn, Lil Page, In Debt Chet, Leethal, Fetti Suo, Dosja Off Tha Cornaa, Indie Indigo, as well as Deezy & Guapo. This installment included artists out of the Tampa scene which was a nice look.

With Grave Mix Vol.VI waiting in the shadows it’s only a matter of time until the Reaper opens the Grave again with another stacked list. Hopefully one day we can bring the $luggs from 727 to the Grave for one big $lugged out Grave Mix, crossing over both sides of the bay.