Another Kozyy Summer

The homie Kozyy has been on a run as of late, hitting up numerous performances as well as dropping a slew of the singles for the summer. I wanted to shed light on a couple of those singles and give my thoughts on what’s next for Kozyy.


This one caught my attention after being performed at ABR’s listening party, as well as a few other events around the city. Kozyy’s got everyone chanting the hook. I really dig the mellow boom bap production. Kozyy is able to mix hip hop and RnB so well that it doesn’t come off cliche or corny.

Summer time vibes

Love the chimes on “Came In”. Kozyy’s vocals are really on point on this track. Sometimes you just gotta tell a woman, that’s she’s the baddest in the room, on some love at first sight shit.

One of them ones

“Ice Crean Cake” will always be my favorite Kozyy track, but when it comes to his new shit it’s gotta be “Cycles”. It’s unreal how good his vocals are on the hook. This song is very relatable to me, dealing with the highs and lows of life, really great message.


It’s really dope to hear Kozyy on a bit more dusty soulful production. His bars are really solid on this track. Just when you think Kozyy can only sing, he drops a track like this that shows he can really be on his rap shit.

Over the past year the homie has shown so much growth, there’s really no telling how far he could really take this shit! Really hype to hear what he’s got next, I know he’s got plenty of more hits coming before the summers over.