Haver Taker- Archangel

The artist formally known as Wheat, has taken on a new persona as Haver Taker, unleashing his latest project “Archangel” onto the Tampa Bay Scene.


Right out the gate Haver is on his rockstar shit. The homie Richie Guapo pulls up to assist on “Permanent”, I believe on production. This shit is a certified head knocker. I really mess with Haver’s raw delivery on this song.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on “Von$hine”. Named after the man himself, I would have expected some thing a little more crazier but the fact that Haver hits you with a more somber, introspective vibe is what makes the song so great. This shit really feel like it’s from the heart.

“Final Destination Final” is has more of a cloudy atmospheric vibe to it. Haver’s lyrics are hella slowed, so you know that boy Po’d Up. He made a deal with the devil to become Haver Taker.

“Vomittcomett” is one of my favorite cuts of the project. The beat just slides man. The altered vocals from Haver are pretty dope, giving off a darker vibe. This some Frankenstein’s Lab type shit.

“u lEft sOMn” once again features Guapo on production. You can just Swang to the beat. I could low key see this shit getting played at The Castle, with all the goth chicks going wild. Have no fear ladies, Haver Taker is here.

“Catholick” is on some grungey vibes. The guitar rift on the beat is right up my alley. We need more shit like this. Haver Taker truly becomes the Archangel on this one. That “What A Shame” hook gets stuck in your head for days. We need a video for this joint. Hands down my favorite track on the project. This a real Vamp Anthem!

Bro we really need this one live. “Nice Like Christ” gets so hype. The beat sounds like it’s from Space Invaders or some shit like that.

“Ccrimsonrush” has some pretty dope synth work. It would be really dope to see the homie Renald Bart hop on the remix.

Haver Taker brings us to the trap on “John Taker Must Die”. Bro is really sending shots at John Taker. It’s crazy how Haver can go from that goth vibes to some real trap shit like this joint.

“Tryn 2 Do” has the Archangel on some flex shit. The beat reminds me of some Florida Underground shit from back in the day but Haver rides it. One of my favorite hooks on the project, if not the whole year.

“Soft eyeZ” sounds like it’s in the middle of a secret lab with alarms going off. Haver switches up his flow throughout the song, at times even doing some spoken word type shit.

The project ends out on the bubbly “Times Up”. You shouldn’t sleep on Haver because your time could be up very soon. Once the beat really starts going, the transitions are pretty dope, kind of has a Sega Soundtrack vibe.

Haver Taker is such a dope versatile artist. I would really like for him to continue dabbling with the more goth synth type shit but the bangers are essential and will add to the more rockstar persona he gives off with his music. Definitely check out “Catholick”, I bet you aint heard nothing like it.