RodXTheXGod- Chapter Black II

St.Pete Hip Hop Pioneer RodXTheXGod returns to the dark side on “Chapter Black II”.


The homie comes starts the track out with a “Boyz N The Hood” inspired banger. RodXTheXGod is one of the best in all of Florida when it comes to production, but he’s also no slouch on the mic. It was dope to see AV get on the track, giving it a dash of gravitas, as well as holding fans over for “MUD II”.

RodXTheXGod shows his storytelling skills on “Back Trippin”. Bro is back in the burg, which means back to that trap shit. The menacing production sets the vibe for Rod’s gangster raps.

“Reed Thompson” has been getting heavy spins in the streets throughout the entire burg. The visuals for this joint added a lot. Moxx Biggz pulls up on the track spitting that street shit. In case you forgot, we really about that life.

“F I V E – 7 Flow” featuring the homie Geno Smoov. Rod’s flow on the first verse is really solid. The beat is menacing and the bars are even harder. Geno slid on the track as well, bringing that Smoov vibe to the song.

“Tee Up” puts Rod in that Richie Spanish mode. This definitely will get heavy rotation at Turbo or any club really in Tampa Bay. Just a dope feel good record.

“Wish The Worst” featuring Glockstar Streetz is some more street shit, but the beat is much colder. That Kyrie line is a standout for sure. Glockstar Streetz was pretty dope as well, haven’t heard of him until now but definitely gonna find out more.

“Tap In/ Double R Truck” is on that late night creep shit. Rod dabbles more with the storytelling elements on this joint. Really dope record.

“BSO Relle Rotation Freestyle” is a fun little banger. Free Smooth Bandz bro! Rod definitely finds his pocket about mid way through the track spitting some the of realest shit the Burg has heard. With production by the man himself how can you go wrong.

The project ends on what could be my favorite track on the album. Big Beyo comes through on the beat for “Libra Scale” giving us that 813 & 727 collab both sides of the bay needed. Rod gets pretty introspective on this song, which is one of the reasons it stands out above the rest, you really feel the emotion in what bro is saying. That beat switch mid way though takes the track to the next level. “Ruth Chris, bitch you gettin Wendy’s fries.”

Definitely see the growth from the first installment to this new one. The west coast trip made an impact for sure with many of the cuts giving off a Cali vibe. One of the best projects to come out of the Burg in a minute. A lot of artists should hit the homie up for beats cause it’s killing the production game.