Geno Smoov- The Intro

The homie Geno Smoov comes through with “The Intro”, a project heavily influenced by his life in the Burg and from Detroit, executive produced by RodxThexGod.


The Rap Game Bruce Wayne kicks off the album with the hard hitting Detroit inspired “Bruce Wayne Game”. I also get a tad of west coast flavor on this one. Geno stays talking that shit, and this track is no exception. Bro got gadgets just like Batman. Just cause he’s Bruce Wayne, don’t mean he out here saving all these hoes.

“Coolin” is the song of the summer. You just want to lay out by the pool and smoke a fat blunt to this joint. This what St.Pete Hip Hop sounds like mane, that real feel good vibe. The hook is out of this world, and Geno brings it all together with the bars. The city needs a video for this asap.

You already know what happens when Rodxthexgod pulls up on the track. “BurlinGame” continues that lavish 727 vibe. I could low key see this on a new edition of the Richie Spainish collection so you know it’s a banger. We came from the bottom but now we shot callin.

Geno brings us back to the D on “Put Um On The Wall”. This one’s a straight banger. Gino’s delivery is aggressive and to the point.

Out of all the bangers in this project “Booted Up” is my favorite. The beat is a head knocker. Gino is really on his Bruce Wayne shit on this joint. It would be dope to see a video for this one. This a Trap Epic!

The homies get back on that west coast shit with “ReLoaded”. Rodxthexgod pulls up dropping one of my favorite verses on the project, “This a contact sport, and we playing through the whistle.” Day1 Zell does his thing on the beat as well.

“No Date Nights” is for all the ladies. I could hear this joint in Turbo or another club for sure. It’s a different vibe but it came at a much need moment in the album, to even out all the gangsta shit.

“Like The Things You Do” continues the more light hearted vibes. Geno really shows his versatility especially on tracks like this one. Definitely a surprise for me on the album.

“Real Smoov” is on that cool lounge vibe. I really dig this track, out of all the more love songs, this one was my favorite. I could see Geno doing some alter ego shit, and dropping a whole album like this. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

“I Feel” is on some more somber shit. It’s for all the real ones we have lost over the past few years. If you ever lost some one close this song will hit different for you. Long Live JJ Da Jet!

“Tables” produced by Rodxthexgod, has Geno putting the listener on game. No matter how good shit is going, you never know when the tables will turns you gotta be ready. I really enjoyed the story telling element of this track. A video would bring the whole story together.

“Church” is a feel good record. Probably one of the last verses from the 727 legend JJ Da Jet pops up on this joint, giving the light hearted track an extra splash of gravitas. JJ killed it with the double time flow, and Geno did his thing on the hook for sure.

“Song Bird” featuring Andria Rene’ closes out the project on some up lifting shit. Geno won’t be locked down, he’s gonna put his all into this music shit, and make something shake. Great way to finish off the album.

Geno really did his thing on this project. From the bangers to the soon to be classic records like “Coolin” and “Church”, it’s safe to say the Rap Game Bruce Wayne really made the city proud.